JKLHY/Q 10KV XLPE Aerial Insulated Cable

QIFAN JKLHY/Q 10KVXLPE Aerial Insulated Cable is a high quality cable product for low voltage power transmission. It adopts high-quality copper core and XLPE insulation material to ensure the high efficiency and reliability of power transmission.

The rated voltage of this cable is 10KV, suitable for various low voltage application scenarios. For example, it can be used in home circuits, building circuits, lighting systems, etc.

The cable uses XLPE insulation, which has good chemical and abrasion resistance. This allows it to be used in a variety of harsh environments such as wet, corrosive or high temperature environments

In addition, the cable complies with international standards and safety standards, and has a long service life and good safety performance. It has been rigorously tested and inspected to ensure its quality and reliability.

Advantages of JKLHY/Q 10KV XLPE Aerial Insulated Cable

  • The wire uses high-quality polyvinyl chloride (XLPE) as the insulation material, which has good heat resistance. It can work at higher temperature without melting or deforming the insulating material, ensuring the safety and reliability of the wire.

  • XLPE material has excellent corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of many chemical substances, including acids, alkalis and solvents. This makes it suitable for use in a variety of environmental conditions, including wet, acidic or alkaline environments.

  • The wire has good electrical properties, providing stable current transmission and low resistance. It has low resistance and inductance, which can reduce energy loss and signal attenuation, ensuring the efficiency and quality of power transmission.

  • The wire is flexible and bendable for easy installation and routing. Its skin is smooth, not easily damaged, and has good wear resistance. This allows installers to quickly and easily complete the routing and connection of wires, improving work efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Basic Introduction of JKLHY/Q 10KV XLPE Aerial Insulated Cable

Model:JKLHY/Q 10KV
Rated Voltage:300/500V
Conductor:Type 1 copper conductors for solid conductors; Type 2 copper conductors for stranded conductors.
Product Standards:GB/T 5023-2008
Specification Range:0.5~1.0 mm^2
Conductor Maximum Operating Temperature:+70°C
Operating Environment Temperature:-15°C~+40°C
Cable Laying Temperature:≥ 0°C
Minimum Bending Radius:6D (D is the actual outer diameter of the cable)
Laying method:Surface laying, pipe laying, trunking laying, etc.
Scope of Application:This product is suitable for electrical appliances, instruments and meters and power lighting with AC rated voltage of 300/500V and below
cable WDZ

10KV XLPE Aerial Insulated Cable Series

ModelNameMain usage
JKYJCopper XLPE insulation aerial cableSoft copper-core is used to lead wire out for transform when overhead, fix and lay down the cable. To extend cable, it shall be taken into consideration to keep a certain distance between cable and tree,it is permitted to have frequent contacts between cable and tree when cable is in operation.
JKTRYJFlexible copper XLPE insulation aerial cable
JKLYJAluminum XLPE insulation aerial cable
JKLHYJAluminum alloy XLPE insulation aerial cable
JKYCopper PE insulation aerial cable
JKTRYFlexible copper PE insulation aerial cable
JKLYAluminum PE insulation aerial cable
JKLHYAluminum alloy PE insulation aerial cable
JKLYJ/BAluminum beige XLPE insulation aerial cable
JKLHYJ/BAluminum alloy beige XLPE insulation aerial cable
JKLYJ/QLight Aluminum core XLPE insulation aerial cableFor aerial fixed installation. To keep certain distance between cable and tree when to set up the cables. Only short time contacts can be permitted when operation.
JKLHYJ/QLight Aluminum alloy XLPE insulation aerial cable
JKLY/QLight Aluminum core PE insulation aerial cable
JKLHY/QLight Aluminum alloy PE insulation aerial cable

JKLHY/Q General Data

Norminal section ( mm² )

Outer dia reference ( mm )

Inner shield thickness ( mm )

Insulation thickness ( mm )

Average dia ( mm )

Conductor resistance at 20°C ( Q/km ) Not less than

Thin insulation

Common insulation



Hard copper

Soft copper

AI conductor

Al alloy
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